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Thea Apartments


Egialos, SYMI 85600
Dodecanese - GREECE

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Telephone: +30 22460-72559

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Email us at : info@symi-thea.gr


Symi Festival

Symi Festival has been organized every summer for the last fifteen years. The idea is based in the disinterested participation of artists and organizers. There is neither ticket in the cultural events nor payment for the artists. The Town Hall covers the expenses of going and staying of the participants.

Symi’s Festival consists of several cultural activities like classical and modern music concerts, dance, theater, cinema, literature evenings, conferences. All these manifestations take place in buildings with traditional architecture of 17th, 18th, 19th century, like the famous manor house of Chatziagapitos, the courtyard of Saint John and the monastery of Panormitis.


Manners, customs and traditions

The main festivals of Symi are:

June 4 - Trinity
June 24 - St. John Grape
July 17 - St. Marina in islet
July 20 - Prophet Elias, on the way to Panormitis
July 27- St Panteleimon
August 6 - His Savior in Emporio and on the way to Panormitis
August 15 - Virgin Mary and True Myrtariotissa
August 24 - Virgin Mary and True Obedience
November 8 - Commander - Panormitis and Michael Roukouniotis



Easter in Symi!

Organize your Easter getaway to Symi and enjoy the traditions of Easter!

The solemn atmosphere throughout the duration of the Holy Week, the church bells strike mournfully, will be the first picture that will impress you and that will symbolize condensed holy energy that you take with you as a memory.
The neighborhoods smell delicious with baking Easter buns, made by the Symian skillfully in the oven of each neighborhood, in large quantities.
On Good Friday, the epitaphs of the churches on the island, decorated with art and imagination, making the mournful march through the cobbled streets of the island and the evening of Holy Saturday, the Resurrection of Christ announce sparklers crossing the sky!
Guests can enjoy local Easter dishes, soup, fragrant shortbread and pies and to crack red eggs, in the island's restaurants.
The evening of the day of Easter, is the burning of Judas, a custom which comes from the ancient times.
The event of the burning Judas organized by the Municipality of Symi, in the central square of Gialos in front of City Hall.
Presented traditional dances of Symi and the surrounding area of our Islands with the dance bands of the Women's Association of Symi with accompaniment music group followed pyrotechnics, fireworks and the burning of Judas.
It is really a panorama!
The island, however, has many attractions worth discovering. Take time to browse the paths and to visit the churches and monasteries. The beaches will be waiting for your summer vacation. So its opportunity to explore now!



We aim to offer our guests a new getaway experience το one of Greece's most delightful islands. Enjoy the holidays you deserve in Thea Apartments  with our impeccable services...

About Us

about us

Thea Apartments opened in 2013, providing luxurious hospitality and high quality hotel services. THEA consists of 5
apartments with the beautiful view of the sea...



Thea apartments, a neoclassical building from 1913, with colorful outstanding architectural and decorative details,  is located in the heart of the village...


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